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Our NEW UTC motion controller is built with the most advanced 32-bit floating-points ARM with the PGA-based hardware structure to integrate its functions and increase the system consistency. The open architecture has PLC functions, which make our motion controller ideal for any application. The excellent computation capability of the controller includes general motion control functions, digital logic computation and arithmetic such as trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, exponents, logarithm, and square roots; it makes your program design straightforward. Not only does our motion controller support the standard G/M codes for CNC controller, it also allows the users to program for their special needs. Also, DNC (direct numerical control) and online command set can be issued directly from PC. Moreover, the capability for the electronic gear and electronic cam applications and the hardware capture register for position searching make our controller widely applicable in automation technology. This wonderful modularized design will give you the least wiring, least time consumed, and the greatest satisfaction. NEW UTC motion controller also has Ethernet function to achieve information sharing and data analysis, and allows to connect your equipment with smart product line. By maximize the efficiency of manufacturing, the production plan fits actual demand, and is ready to next generation - Industry 4.0

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We are competitive even compared to other global companies. Because of our focus and expertise in controller, we are confident in the solutions we provide no matter in efficiency or quality. We are looking forward to collaborating with you, and support you to compete around the world in the future.

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Having over 30 years of practical and researching experiences and a team of many highly educated, well-trained engineers, Micro Trend is surely one of the leading companies in the industry, in both professional knowledge and practical applications. Moreover, with the notion of collaboration in mind, we stride with our customers hand in hand, and together contribute to the growth of the automatic technology industry.

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The experience and knowledge from studying in servo system many years is converted to UTC architecture. With high performance processor, UTC controller can handle an efficient multiplexing and high-precision motor control.

Friendly、Integrated、Versatile、Efficient are our principles. In addition to high performance, UTC controller is also user-friendly on both hardware and software. For programming, the BASIC-like language and instruction set help users build their project easily without worrying complicated mathematical calculation, all other system tasks are handled by UTC controller. In the meanwhile, the all-in-one architecture with multi-axis and expansion boards brings users flexibility on different applications. With a perfect combination of hardware and software, development time could be reduced drastically.